Apple has released a software update for all devices compatible with the latest version of its operating system. This includes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV devices.

The latest update (version 16.1) has fixed 20 security issues within iOS alone. This means that potentially your iPhone could have 20 security vulnerabilities unpatched, with the more serious vulnerabilities allowing attackers full access to your iPhone. To patch these vulnerabilities, anyone with an iPhone running iOS 16 is advised to update to iOS 16.1.

Security experts strongly advise all individuals and businesses with Apple devices to update them.

CTRL-S also highly recommend anyone with Apple devices update them to the latest version to ensure that they are protected. CTRL-S also advise anyone who knows people with Apple devices to encourage them to update their devices as well.

To update iOS:

Select Settings – General – Software Update

To update macOS:

Select the Apple Menu (top right-hand corner) – System Preferences – Update Now


It is important to always ensure that all devices and software you use both at home and within your business are updated, as typically updates are released to patch security vulnerabilities as well as add additional features.


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