Continuous technological advancements are shaping the business world to continue to become increasingly reliant on IT systems, from driving and delivering innovation to streamlining solutions to stay competitive.
Traditionally, businesses sought out the best service providers to meet their IT needs, but as the business landscape has evolved, so has this requirement. Businesses pushing for success have been seeking out meaningful partnerships with other businesses to embrace technology with holistic approaches and advisory excellence.

What does the shift from service provider to business partner look like?

Service providers typically operated as vendors, offering solutions in isolation to meet immediate business needs, rather than working to meet their client’s overall objectives seamlessly. These services would be joined together in whatever way possible to create a functional infrastructure. Whilst this method is still used today, it is inefficient as infrastructure built this way is often clunky and has a vast package of software and methods to perform simple tasks.
Businesses are now seeking long term collaborations with IT partners, who will not only understand their technological requirements but also their strategic goals, agreeing on a specific plan of action to meet their business objectives.

A trusted IT business partner is much more than just a solution provider, they become an integral part of your business’s ecosystem. Can you imagine how difficult it is to meet your business’s objectives without a seamless and efficient IT solution? Take Vavoom Finance Group’s Case Study as an example of how having a Strategic IT Partner is so much more valuable than having just an IT Service Provider.

Vavoom Finance Group Case Study:

As a startup, Vavoom were looking for a strategic IT partner to understand their business plan and recommend the right technologies to help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge

As a new business, Vavoom needed help in choosing the right technologies that would help them to achieve their ambitions growth plans while giving them certainty over their costs. With a target to grow from a team of two through to employing 15 people within a year, it was critical to choose the right partner to work with them to achieve their goals.

Our Approach

The first action on the agenda for Vavoom was getting to know the team. It was critical to understand their business model and growth strategy, and how, with over 20 years’ experience in the vehicle leasing industry, they envisioned their team working in the most productive way.

With the help of our technical team, the requirements were translated into an operational platform, built upon Microsoft foundations utilising the power of the cloud, we implemented a complex collaboration platform later adding automation to bring efficiency enhancements to working practices.

The Outcome

Vavoom have grown exponentially over the past two years and with each new team member able to hit the ground running with simple to use systems, the business is thriving in what is a very competitive market.

The strength of their IT systems and on-going support from CTRL-S has contributed to Vavoom recently winning “Startup broker of year” and the Broker News Awards.

What They Say

Stuart Adam, Founder and Director

Having worked with CTRL-S for the last 2 years (since the inception of our business) we have had nothing but professional and consultative service from the whole team.

There have been many questions, ad-hoc requests and on-site visits which have assisted us in our office move and also scaling up of team members.

The monthly training has been very useful too as it keeps the team up to date with potential risks they could face and forms part of our regular compliance checks.

Thank you for your continued support – we couldn’t recommend the team more highly.

Holistic Technology

Holistic IT recognises that technology isn’t simply just a tool, but an integral part of the overall work ecosystem. A true IT business partner won’t just fix problems as they arise, they will proactively engage in the understanding of your business, anticipate challenges, and develop effective technology roadmaps. Developing these holistic solutions will contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations as well as supporting your team’s wellbeing
The collaborative approach will mean that your IT partner is not just a troubleshooter but will proactively contribute to your business growth. Whether this is through implementing cutting-edge software, optimizing current infrastructure, or ensuring cybersecurity; your partner will work with you to achieve sustainable success.

Strategic Advisory

Beyond technology, a trusted IT business partner also serves as a strategic advisor.
They do this by leveraging their industry expertise and technical knowledge to guide your business decisions. From recommending the latest trends to advising on potential risks and opportunities, the partnership becomes a valuable source of insights for your organisation.
Excellent advisory is even more critical in current times due to the unprecedented pace of technological evolution. Having a partner who can navigate this landscape and keep your business future-proofed is a strategic advantage and extends far beyond the traditional role of a service provider.

Building long-term relationships

The shift towards IT business partnerships emphasizes the importance of building long term relationships. Unlike one off service transactions, a business partnership involves continuous collaboration and a deep understanding of business objectives.
This long term commitment ensures that your IT partner becomes an extension of your team, fostering a relationship of trust and reliability. As your business evolves, so do the technology needs and having a partner who is invested in your success ensures adaptability and scalability.

Why choose CTRL-S?

Long before the digital shift has seen relationships develop from Service Providers to IT Partnerships, CTRL-S have established long-term relationships with their clients, working towards achieving client’s overall business objectives as seamlessly as possible. We strive to deliver real life visible results that will dramatically change your business’s use of IT without hesitation. This evolution will provide your business with a more efficient and effective infrastructure to sustain your current and future business operation. Get in touch today so we can open your businesses doors to innovation.



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