We get it, you are managing a busy business, and you need a new laptop for an employee. Naturally, your mind draws to buying a readily available one on the high street. Whilst grabbing a laptop off the shelf might seem like a quick fix, it can lead to a whole host of issues. Equipment available on the shelf is typically designed for consumers and when used in business, it can lead to reliability issues, performance bottlenecks, and, ultimately, lost productivity.
That’s why we offer comprehensive procurement services as part of our IT support packages, ensuring your business always gets the right equipment at the best value.

Here at CTRL-S, we understand that equipping your workforce with the right technology is critical for success. This technology includes the infrastructure accessed, applications and the devices your team use day to day.

What are the benefits of sourcing your equipment from a supplier? Let’s have a look.

Built to Last -Reliability for Your Business Needs:

Retail equipment is often designed for basic tasks, not the demands of everyday business use.
Our procurement expertise and an extensive list of suppliers allow us to source business-class equipment, specifically engineers, for reliability. For example, when we source laptops, we ensure these machines boast robust features like stronger builds, improved thermal management and higher-quality displays, all contributing to a longer lifespan and fewer disruptions for your team.

Optimising Performance for Your Workflow:

We take the time to understand the specific needs of both your team and business to optimise performance. This includes the hardware that we procure for your business. Our team will identify the software that your team use the most and tailor configurations of hardware accordingly. This ensures you get the perfect balance of performance and hardware resources to work effectively.

Memory Matters:

Insufficient RAM is a common culprit for sluggish laptops and frustrating crashes. We understand the importance of memory for business operations, and we will advise on the ideal amount based on the software requirements.
Insufficient storage is another common frustration of many users. With some applications having extensive storage requirements, ensuring there is enough to hold applications and files is critical for smooth use.

Beyond Purchase Support:

Purchasing from a retail store will typically offer minimal support for your hardware after purchase without paying a premium. When you are a supported user with CTRL-S, you will get full support from the setup process right through to the end of life of any purchase. Our team of dedicated IT experts are readily available to resolve hardware or software issues, minimising downtime and keeping your team productive.
You also get access to our specialist toolkit of monitoring software, to ensure your devices are always receiving the latest security patches, hardware runs as expected and that you are safe against malware.

Value services

We can provide the best value on hardware solutions. With our close relationships with hardware suppliers, we have access to exclusive prices, and we pass the savings on to you. This ensures you get high-quality hardware while still retaining value.

Let us be your Technology Partner:

Are you considering purchasing IT equipment soon? Instead of navigating the complexities of purchasing your team equipment, let CTRL-S help… We will provide expert advice, ensure optimal configurations and offer ongoing support to ensure your team’s devices allow them to excel. Contact us today to discuss a customised solution for your business.


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