The use of web applications is becoming increasingly common within business and the personal computer world. This means that more and more applications are migrating from traditional desktop applications, that require installation, updates and maintenance to browser applications that simply require a connection to the internet and a modern web browser to be installed.

This comes with many advantages for all individuals in terms of product availability, ease of use and scalability.

However, with an increasing dependency on the web browser, an increase in Cyber attacks to the browser are occurring.

Browser attacks are nothing new, with the first wide spread browser attack being in 1995, a mere 2 years after the release of the first widespread browser, Mosaic.

In 2022 there are many web browsers developed by different companies, however they all share similar principles as they are all built to access the same content. This means attacks across different browsers follow similar structures across all current browsers.

Common signs of an attack are, unwanted notifications, unexpected search engines or toolbars appearing and popups.

Below is an example of a browser attack one of our experts encountered.


This page was presented when clicking a malicious link from within an eBay listing. This page looks like a program that has locked the machine. This is because it had automatically set the window full screen.

Browser attacks like this are common scams, they aim for you to call the number or click the link, which will install malware on your computer. Simply closing the website and clearing your browser cookies and cache is often all that is needed to ensure there is no harm to your computer.

With an increase in attacks it is important to ask yourself, are you Cyber Wise.

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