As the need for cyber security continues to grow for organisations, the search for solutions is larger than ever. Organisations are implementing many methods of defence against cyber attacks such as complex technical controls, increased monitoring or regular security audits. However, one of the most important methods to get right is employee training and awareness. Employees in any business are the frontline of defence and can often be the weakest link in the defence system.
Cybercriminals target vulnerabilities in human nature, such as being naturally helpful and trusting, to manipulate or deceive someone into facilitating a cyber attack. Therefore, human error and negligence account for a significant portion of cyber security incidents.

How do cybercriminals attack?

Cybercriminals typically use social engineering attacks, which are only successful when a desired response is obtained from the victim. These attacks can be as simple as a phishing email, with a malicious attachment or link within it, or a very targeted and multistep attack.
Another common issue is poor password hygiene. Weak passwords and password reuse cause many cybersecurity incidents for businesses and individuals.
Cybercriminals may also have an insider threat within the business. Cyber espionage requires an insider, sometimes referred to as a mole, to misuse their access to facilitate a cyber attack. Employees may become an insider threat knowingly, often in the event of disagreement within the workplace, or accidentally by falling victim to an attack, such as a social engineering attack.

What is employee cybersecurity training?

Employee cybersecurity training comes in many shapes and sizes. From minimal solutions, like posters located in the office to regular mandatory courses, all efforts come with a large list of benefits. These include:

  • Risk Mitigation. Individuals who understand their importance in a business’s cyber defence are more likely to follow best practices and report suspicious activities promptly. When a whole team with the ability to identify and mitigate potential threats develops, this proves a huge hurdle for cyber attackers to overcome.
  • Enhanced Resilience. In the event of a security incident, effective training will equip employees with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to minimise the impact and downtime it causes.
  • Legal Compliance. It is becoming increasingly common in many industries for there to be specific regulations and compliance requirements relating to data protection and cyber security. Effective training ensures that these regulations are understood and adhered to.
  • Cost Savings. The cost of a cyber security incident can be huge. This is both financial, from the loss of revenue, potential legal fees, or fines, and to a business’s reputation. Delivering proper training for both prevention and incident response can be a huge cost saver in the long run.
  • Competitive advantage. Many businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about cybersecurity. Having employees that are knowledgeable and are able to reassure that the client’s data will be held securely may be influential in the client’s decision to use your services.

What does effective cybersecurity training look like?

Effective Cyber Security training looks different for every business. Tailoring programmes to the specific needs of an organisation prove to be the most effective. These programmes should be interactive to engage employees and make it more memorable. This can include methods such as gamification, quizzes and simulating real world attacks.
All training programmes must also be updated regularly.  In the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, the risk is ever changing, and the training needs to keep up.

What can CTRL-S do to help?

Powered by CTRL-S, Cyber Wise is a single solution for all your cyber security training needs. Cyber Wise is designed to be interactive, current and effective. The programme works with tailored bitesize training content being delivered to your employees via an online portal or via Microsoft Teams through our brand-new integrated portal. This makes the security training simple to access and complete.
The content is tailored by our expert team by a variety of factors, such as what your business does, what security training has been previously delivered and the current biggest threats for your business.
Attack simulations are also designed by our team and delivered regularly, both in line with current attacks and ones that are targeted to your business.

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