May is here and with it comes a fresh wave of cyberattacks, waiting to exploit any weakness in your defences. Don’t let your business become the next statistic!! Here at CTRL-S we’re partnering with you to conquer cyber threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and training services.

May’s Monstrous Threats:

Our team are on high alert for these particularly nasty threats this May:

  • Ransomware: Extortionists take your data and not only encrypt it but also steal it too, holding a double-edged sword over your head.
    This month we have seen the rise of DarkVault, a new Ransomware group who published 19 victims on its leak site. Despite being a new gang, it looks familiar, with the design of its leak site and extortion methods resembling the defaced Lockbit group, recently seized by authorities.
  • Supply chain issues: Cyber Criminals are increasingly targeting vulnerabilities in third-party vendors and software.
    An example of this seen recently is the business analysis software company Sisense, who have been victim of a cyber attack. The attackers got access to the company’s self-hosted code repositories allowing them to access to their data storage servers, stealing huge volumes of data which contained millions of access tokens, emails and passwords.
    This attack is not only catastrophic for Sisense, it is also causing problems for their customers. Their customers are at risk following this attack for a host of reasons, including:

    • Data Breach: Sisense does business analysis, so the data they hold often includes customer data, financial information or user credentials for their clients, which is at risk following the attack.
    • Malware Installation: Attackers could potentially use the foothold they already have to install malware on the customer systems connected to Sisense.
    • Business Disruption: Due to the amount of potentially compromised information about a business’s operations, the attackers could use social engineering to disrupt operations.
  • Phishing: These deceiving email lure you into their trap by using social engineering of current events and your business/personal specifics.
    A Cyber Criminal gang called Black Basta has targeted more than 500 organisations since it emerged in April 2022. Their attacks cause serious business disruption and often result in large portions of infrastructure being exposed, with data exfiltrated and operations halted. It has recently been revealed that often these horrific attacks begin with a Phishing email. Upon clicking the malicious attachment within the email, the malware runs and wriggles its way around the network quietly to steal data and then will start encrypting data and causing chaos making systems unavailable.

Quishing: A new phishing tactic that uses malicious QR codes to deceive a victim into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware. These QR codes could be anywhere from websites, posters or even physical products. This attack is becoming increasingly popular with many people scanning them without considering the potential security risks, with C-Suite members being 42% more likely to be sent QR code phishing attacks than other employees. In the same report, Business Reporter has carried out an analysis on Quishing attacks, finding that smaller firms were a popular target due to being less likely to have resources for effective training and defence systems Don’t let this be your business! At CTRL-S, Cyber Security defence is affordable and reliable.

Become an Unstoppable Cybersecurity Force:

Partner with CTRL-S to gain the tools and training to turn your team into cybersecurity champions:

  • Patchwork Power: Our patching protocols ensure all your systems and software are constantly updated, sealing security holes against digital threats.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: The Second Gate: MFA adds an extra layer of defence making it a two-step process for attackers to breach your systems.
  • Employee Education: Regular cybersecurity training empowers your employees to identify and detect phishing attacks, turning them from potential victims into savvy defenders. Our Cyber Wise program is the perfect way for your business to get ahead with their education.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Our EDR solutions act as vigilant guards, constantly monitoring your system for suspicious activity, ensuring cyber threats don’t go unnoticed!
  • Incident Response Plan: Having a clear plan for a cyberattack minimises damage and downtime.

Why Choose CTRL-S as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner?

At CTRL-S we’re not just another vendor we’re your dedicated partner, offering:

  • An Expert Team: Our team of professionals has the expertise to overpower even the most complex threats.
  • Cost-Effective Defence: Partnering with us is a strategic investment, far more cost-effective than building your own experienced team.
  • Scalable Solutions: We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you’re a small, medium or large business.

Become a Cyber Security Champion Today

Staying informed and proactive are the keys to a secure digital future. Partner with CTRL-S to gain the expertise and resources you need to conquer the Cyber Threats that have already emerged in May and will continue to develop. Get in touch today to strengthen your defences.





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