As we bid farewell to another year, many consider this the ideal opportunity for a fresh start.
Commonly, people do this with New Year’s resolutions, these are often related to fitness, health, or other methods of self-improvement. We believe a business should set itself continuous resolutions of empowering growth, better performance and team satisfaction, and a new year provides a perfect opportunity to start.

An ideal way to kickstart your company resolutions is to look at empowering digital excellence through IT solutions. Embracing the technology brought by 2023 can lead your business to have increased productivity, efficiency and overall work satisfaction in 2024.

Taking a cloud first approach

The workplace landscape has changed, seeing an increased amount of choice in applications and with remote work models becoming normalised. Prioritising a cloud first approach to all tools and applications brings many advantages to your business. A typical cloud-based application will perform to the same standard from anywhere, require little to no upfront expense and is highly scalable depending on your business’s current need. This allows an easy switch.
Cloud based communication and collaboration tools, such as the Microsoft 365 suite, are also hugely advantageous for a business. They provide the ability to facilitate seamless communication, document sharing and project collaboration from anywhere.
Embracing these tools and techniques ensures your team stays connected, productive and efficient regardless of geographic location.

Data Driven Decision Making

As the amount of data collected and processed continues to grow, not using it to make data based decisions is a huge waste.
Whether it’s customer behaviour, market trends or internal performance metrics; harnessing the power of data with analytical tools provides serious insights into your business, giving an advantageous view to guide your strategic initiatives and decisions.

Automation Advancements

Have you committed to being more productive with your time in 2024? According to The Independent, adults aged 16-64 spent on average a whopping 6 hours and 37 minutes per day using screens across different devices.  One way of reducing this figure is by automating repetitive tasks, becoming more productive and reducing screen time in one.
Automation tools save time and reduce errors. Identifying tasks that can be streamlined by automation allows your team to focus their energy on strategic and creative tasks within their job role, allowing your business and team members to develop faster. This also often brings an increase in job satisfaction as less time is spent doing monotonous tasks.

Enhanced Remote Work Experience

Remote work is here to stay, enhancing the experience for your team inspires better results. Investing in solutions that work flawlessly from anywhere, providing high-quality equipment for every workspace and tools for seamless communication provides your team with the facility for digital excellence in 2024.

Cyber Security Vigilance

Every business should be committed to a resolution of top-tier cyber security in 2024. The increase in digital advancements has brought an increase in the frequency and sophistication of Cyber threats, creating a much larger threat landscape.

The solution? Raising your digital guards and ensuring digital excellence.
This should be done with both advanced new technological measures and with employee focussed training and simulation exercises.

How can CTRL-S help

At CTRL-S we strive to help you find the best solutions to your resolutions, bringing your team forward in 2024. Our team of digital experts have a wealth of knowledge across the digital world, ready to share with your team so your resolutions become solutions. Don’t fall behind this year, get in touch today to drive your business forward in 2024.



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