In recent years remote work has become a fundamental part of the modern work landscape. Whether this is for working across multiple sites, working from home or working from client locations ensuring that your team gets the same experience from any location is critical to the modern business world.
Ensuring the experience is the same does not just relate to being able to access all applications and data it also means that the same level of communication and collaboration can be achieved as well as the same levels of data security.

Selecting an effective toolkit

Most modern solutions will offer remote working capabilities however, each implementation varies in its effectiveness and compatibility with the way you and your team work.
Collaboration is fundamental to all business operations, both with internal parties (such as colleagues) and external parties (such as clients or suppliers). Before computers, this was all done through letters, in-person meetings and telephone calls. Since the use of computer systems in business this has begun to shift the face of communication between businesses and individuals. There is a plethora of tools available from simple solutions like email and telephone calls to complex multi-function tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. The correct tool, or more commonly selection of tools, varies greatly from business to business as all teams have different requirements and goals requiring them to work differently.

Storage is another fundamental part of business operations. Gone are the days of huge paper files, stacked in boxes and filing cabinets in one central location. Files are now stored digitally. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as locally on a PC, on a central business server or via a cloud storage solution. The type of data, volume of data and the requirements of the business determine which of these is the best solution.

Applications are also fundamental to the way businesses work. Computer software and applications have been designed to help simplify nearly every task a business may wish to perform from financial operations to creative processes such as editing photos and videos. Modern applications operate either onsite or offsite. Onsite applications run on a piece of hardware owned by the business. It could require access to a server or central computer system and could have specific hardware requirements for the device it runs from. Onsite applications often provide specialist functions however they are more likely be limited to one site or they will likely create difficulties for remote working.

Offsite applications run in remote locations. This typically would be from a Software As A Service (SaaS) supplier. These applications are typically accessible from anywhere and will often have less specific device requirements, however, this can come at a cost of less customisation or functionality.

Selecting an effective toolkit requires a combination of collaboration tools, storage solutions and applications and software to work in harmony, and effectively align to your team and business operations. CTRL-S specialise in business efficiency and system design. We pride ourselves on finding solutions based on your business industry, operations and current processes whilst suggesting new solutions to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Securing a remote workforce:

New challenges are brought when working remotely. Allowing data to be accessed from anywhere brings many advantages, but it also increases areas of cyberattacks your business is vulnerable to.
There is a range of things to ensure are kept in check at all times, such as device policies, access control, data storage security, authentication of users and applications available.
This can quickly get out of hand, as businesses produce huge amounts of data every single day of operation, with employees accessing and using resources continually.

A business should have a selection of tools in place to secure itself. This includes technical controls like endpoint protection, firewalls and device management software. It also includes, access controls, such as limiting access to applications and files employees can use to ensure they only have access to the minimum required to do their job. The final step is ensuring authentication is secure, this can be done through password policies and multifactor authentication.
A business should also educate its users to show them how to use its infrastructure efficiently and effectively but also securely.

The security of a remote workforce looks different for every business, depending on the applications and processes they have. Implementing effective technical controls, security policies and user awareness training is extremely important.

CTRL-S specialises in locking the gates to your business, with partnerships with industry-leading security software, vast knowledge of systems we implement to ensure access control and our unique Cyber Wise service designed to make IT security a fundamental part of your business culture.

Selecting the right devices and managing them

The devices used by your employees daily will vary depending on their job role and the infrastructure your business has in place.
Commonly, businesses are taking a mobile-first approach, deploying fleets of laptops to their workforce. This provides versatility, with a familiar device to use in any location. These laptops are moved from location to location by an employee and it is critical that the data contained on the laptop is secure and accessible despite any circumstances.

However, businesses may also require a range of devices, from servers and networking infrastructure to iPads and tablets.

Procurement of these devices can be a challenge, ensuring the balance of price and performance is considered to fulfil all business requirements.

CTRL-S can help by selecting the perfect devices for your business, from laptops tablets and desktop pcs to networking infrastructure, our expert team will ensure any device you purchase through us is configured and designed perfectly for your requirements.

Embracing remote work can be hugely beneficial for nearly all businesses. It can help a business become more efficient, productive and cost-effective. However, as discussed it can come with many challenges.

Get in touch today to see how CTRL-S can help select the most appropriate toolkit, security solutions and infrastructure.

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