As the festive period rapidly approaches, businesses are presented with a perfect moment to enhance their digital workspace, for a more efficient 2024. SharePoint is a fantastic way to start, with a vast array of features, from communication and collaboration to robust storage, it is no wonder, the backbone of many businesses. However, navigating the vast and intricate landscape of SharePoint can appear to be a complex task, with many of the best features hiding under the surface. But, fear not! The CTRL-S technical elves are here to provide you with some of the best tips and tricks to enhance your business’s efficiency for both the festive period and the future!

Elevate Efficiency with Pinned Favourites

It is common practice for many individuals to have a meticulously organised Desktop, with files, folders and more placed in specific places for quick access. In SharePoint, consider leveraging the Quick Access Toolbar to pin your most frequently used locations. You can also pin your most frequently accessed files and folders to the top of the list, stopping the constant hunt for the same file.

Implement Santa’s Workshop Worthy Organisation

Worried about misplacing important documents amidst the holiday hustle and bustle? Fear not! SharePoint’s safe storage is an elf-approved digital stocking, ensuring all your key files are neatly tucked away and ready to be unwrapped when needed. Structure your SharePoint files into separate document libraries, mirroring the operation of your business to create a more methodical structure to your documents, making documents easy to find for everyone.

The combination of document libraries and a well-structured folder system not only enhances organizational efficiency but also serves as a powerful tool for bolstering cybersecurity. It provides a robust foundation for access control, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. Making your digital workspace clutter-free fosters an environment constructed for streamlined navigation and an overall optimization to efficiency.

Tailor Notifications for Precision

Much like tuning an orchestra, tailoring notifications in your SharePoint sleigh ride ensures a melody of helpful updates, avoiding the discord of unneeded jingles. Think of it as customizing your carol playlist—keeping the merry tunes and avoiding the occasional off-key notes or annoying tunes you no longer wish to hear.

Staying informed about modifications and updates within your SharePoint sites is important, especially for areas containing critical information. Tailoring these notifications ensures that helpful and important notifications are delivered, and unhelpful and annoying notifications are not, striking the right chord between staying informed and avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Harness the Power of the Search Bar

Search functionality within SharePoint is your navigational beacon, much like Rudolph’s red nose is for Santa. Using strategic keywords and filters allows you to locate documents, pages, articles, and other content within your SharePoint site. Not only does this save time and increase productivity, but having a tactical approach to the search functionality ensures your SharePoint site can remain an efficient and organised space.

Collaborate with Professional Precision

Let the spirit of SharePoint be your holiday helper, bringing the magic of collaboration to your festive season. Leveraging collaboration features within SharePoint is like having a team of tech-savvy elves in your digital workshop, allowing seamless ways to share documents and engage in real-time co-ownership with another individual. This grants open lines of communication, seamless collaboration and safe storage. Over the festive period, when teams are scattered like snowflakes across the globe, this feature is critical for many businesses, providing a key advantage to many teams where they can access SharePoint easily from any location.

The gift of CTRL-S

At CTRL-S we use a wealth of SharePoint functionality within our own team and with our clients. This expertise and frequent use allow us to optimise and build the perfect SharePoint site for any team. Get in touch to see the top tips we can provide specifically for your business for a seamless festive period AND New Year!

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