IT issues can plague a business, they are renowned for halting productivity and causing frustration for all.

Having IT Support provides a wide variety of benefits to businesses, such as:

  1. Technical issue resolution:
    Expert assistance with problems that may arise with business hardware or software.
  2. Software and Application support:
    Assistance with configuration, installation and troubleshooting of business critical (and non-critical) software.
  3. Infrastructure Maintenance:
    Management of the necessary servers, databases, networks or other critical components of a business’s infrastructure. Regular updates as part of the maintenance can also ensure security patches and features are installed to optimise performance, security and reliability.
  4. User Support and Training:
    Assistance to employees in understanding and utilising available technology resources, and supporting individuals with their enquiries and problems. Provided training programs offer enhancements to employees’ skills and promote efficient technology adoption within the business.
  5. Business Continuity:
    Effective strategies for managing unexpected disruptions to the normal operation of systems with minimal impact on standard business operation.

Hiring an individual with this skillset is expensive, due to wage and training costs, making internal IT support unachievable for many businesses.

Outsourcing your IT Support can provide all these benefits and more for a fraction of the cost.

Some key benefits that outsourcing your IT Support can bring are:

  • Multiple employees with different knowledge, skills and experience are all available to you and your business.
  • Scalability and Flexibility depending on your business’s need, with the ability to provide more resources in challenging times such as a large infrastructure change or upgrade.
  • Improved service: a service provider is set up to perform within stricter Service Level Agreements, meaning that your productivity time affected by the issue is minimised.
  • Increased availability: a service provider can have resources available for all stated opening hours and will not have time off for sickness or holidays which an internal employee would.
  • An outside perspective: from other clients or previous experience, new and different solutions can be proposed with the potential to dramatically streamline your business’s operation.

At CTRL-S, we see ourselves as business partners, we are invested in our mutual success. We specialise in supporting SMEs to streamline their IT, enhance efficiency while also providing a helping hand if something does go wrong.

To learn more about what CTRL-S can do for you, please get in touch.

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