What is Holistic IT, and how does it impact your employee’s happiness?

By definition, holistic IT is an approach to IT management that is concerned with viewing and treating a complex computer system as a single entity. In this article, we will explore the correlation between that, and employee happiness.

As the rapid pace of business continues, the role of IT has evolved beyond being an additional tool in a business’s belt to the backbone of most organisations. This continues to grow as businesses continue to strive for efficiency and competitiveness.

Forward-thinking businesses are using holistic IT in their new strategies, where they are starting to understand the benefits of interconnecting a system, and the integration of each component to make one functional system. The consideration of the entire experience, when done effectively, creates a positive ripple effect improving both operational efficiency and user experience.

Streamlining Work Processes

Holistic IT begins by streamlining work processes through the integration of cutting-edge technologies. This enhances productivity and also reduces the stress associated with clunky and time-consuming tasks caused by a poorly integrated system.

Take a manufacturing company as an example; Before using a holistic IT approach, the company’s IT system was fragmented, with separate systems managing inventory, production, and customer orders. The lack of integration led to inefficiencies, delays and an increased risk of human error. Embracing a holistic IT approach enables the company to streamline its work by adopting the following approaches:

  • Integrating systems: Allowing data to flow seamlessly through departments, reducing input time and risk of errors.
  • Automation: Optimising the manufacturing process by investing in advanced robotics for machinery, not only improving metrics but increasing the reporting capabilities for production management, so they can use the extra time to implement improvements elsewhere.
  • Collaborating: Enhancing communication and collaboration across multiple departments, teams are now able to respond promptly to real-time changes in shared information
  • Cyber Security: Implementing cyber security measures and training ensures the protection of sensitive data, and intellectual property and prevents potential disruptions to the manufacturing process due to potential cyber threats.

When employees can focus on meaningful work without constantly being bogged down by technical inefficiencies, their job satisfaction naturally rises.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful business. With the world’s rapid digital transformation, businesses need to be able to effectively utilise online communication both internally, and externally with clients and suppliers.
A holistic IT system will focus on communication to facilitate seamlessly among teams, regardless of the physical location of the individuals.
This is done with a variety of toolkits, such as cloud platforms for unified communication, project management systems and cloud-based applications.
Ensuring the ease of collaboration and communication creates an interconnected network of team members, which positively influences the overall work atmosphere, creating an increase in job satisfaction and employee happiness.

Flexibility and Remote work options:

Advancements in IT systems and modern technology have caused a shift towards remote work. Deploying a holistic approach to IT embraces this change by providing employees with the tools and technologies to work remotely, without a loss in productivity.
This adds flexibility to an organisation, making work practices seamless, but also demonstrates a business’s commitment to employee wellbeing. This is due to the ability to provide flexible working, which can make it significantly easier for employees to balance work and their personal lives, increasing job satisfaction and employee happiness.

Cyber Security and Employee Trust

In an era of increasing cyber threats, a holistic IT approach can place a strong emphasis on Cyber Security. When a system is tightly integrated, it is easier to view and secure the areas of weakness.

A secure digital environment should foster a sense of trust among employees, knowing that their data, their client’s data and the company information are well protected. This increase in trust contributes to a more positive work culture, where employees feel valued and seen in their professional environment.

How CTRL-S can help

At CTRL-S we have the unique advantage of a dedicated Business Analysis team. We analyse your business’s current system as well as the needs and wants of your business before designing the perfect IT system.

We will research a variety of software and hardware solutions and pick the best fit for you.
This gives your business the best possible solution, without requiring internal expertise or the time investment, as the CTRL-S experts will do it for you.

In conclusion, effectively implementing and using a holistic approach to IT can have a domino effect, quickly gaining an increase in efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and employee happiness.

This is achieved with an interconnected system that prioritises streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and flexible working. CTRL-S can help build and position your dominoes, ready to fall into place when creating a balance between a great human experience and effective technology. Get in touch to see for yourself.


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