As the traditional office setup continues undergoing a revolutionary transformation, the emergence of hybrid work models continues to grow, blending remote and in-office working for 1 in 4 workers, according to data from ONS.

This shift in working patterns has not only changed the way we work but has also posed unique challenges that demand innovate new processes and IT solutions to support this.There are key areas for consideration when understanding the technical side of implementing effective Hybrid Working models. These are:

Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration platforms are critical to the success of any Hybrid Working model. They bridge the gap caused by the lack of physical interactions between colleagues and third parties. Breaking away from traditional communication methods, such as email and embracing purpose-built platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, can allow a huge increase in ease and effectiveness in communication. Microsoft has reported 88% of surveyed respondents felt “having all of our solutions in one place saves time”, with an impressive “4hrs per week saved by information workers through collaboration and information sharing”,  when interviewed as part of the Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many different methods of application from providing entire infrastructures, to single applications and programs.  Due to changes in demands for infrastructure, popularity for Cloud computing has soared with businesses worldwide. Businesses want infrastructure that requires minimal hardware, maintenance, and upfront investment that Cloud computing offers, with infrastructure hosted offsite and maintenance handled by the software supplier. It is often scalable, meaning a business has access to all the power it needs, as and when necessary, meaning that typically, a business only needs to pay for what they use, without any upfront investment. This flexibility is especially popular in smaller companies where they can access infrastructure and services without financial constraints.

Another key advantage of cloud computing platforms is their ability to run on a wide range of end devices, from any location, allowing businesses to easily access the same infrastructure from any of their locations.

Project management and organisation tools

With the rise of hybrid working, it can be difficult to see where your team are up to when working on projects. It can also be difficult for individuals to understand what else is happening around them with the project and to keep track of where they are up to with their own workload. Having transparency can be critical for a team to effectively work in hybrid environments and effective use of project management and organisation tools can bridge the gap between your team’s location and the office.

Effective project management tools can also bring advantages to team leaders with improved team transparency, effective and accurate time tracking & reporting, and ultimately increasing accountability.

Overall, using effective project management and organisation tools can bring huge improvements to the overall efficiency and productivity of a hybrid working team.

Cybersecurity Measures

With a decentralized workforce, the cyber threat landscape has increased in size and complexity. Cybersecurity must be prioritised to protect companies and individuals against potential risks and breaches. Implementing modern and robust systems is a necessity. This includes both technical controls, such as encryption, firewalls and multi-factor authentication and operation controls, such as setting business policies, systems, and processes that employees must adhere to. Business policies, systems and processes should be supported with educational material, of both the policies, systems and processes themselves but also the threat landscape and potential threats they may face.

How CTRL-S can help

CTRL-S are industry experts, with a strong team of technologists, who can assist with all elements of implementing the infrastructure to align with your business operation. We are unique in the Information Technology and Security sector because we also have a business analysis team, who are experts in developing effective policies, systems and processes that aid your business operation the most efficiently and effectively possible.

It is imperative that when offering cyber security and awareness training, the training is conducted by an expert in the field. Cyber security is fast paced, the stakes are high, and working with somebody who you can fully trust to stay up to date on the latest threats is crucial. CTRL-S has designed a specialist ‘Cyber Wise’ service which focuses on the highly skilled services required to keep your business safe.

The Cyber Wise service provides cybersecurity awareness training designed and simulation exercises to instil a culture of information security into your business.

Together, our teams work together to create the perfect system for your business and the way you work.

Get in touch today to see your business’s missing pieces to create the perfect system.

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