Software powers all digital devices, providing them with the necessary instructions to perform and function effectively. Additional functionality is added to a computer system by installing or running additional software.
This is commonly done through applications, or apps, which are software programs designed to perform a specific task and can be categorised into categories such as communication, productivity, education, entertainment and games.
New software and apps can be expensive, with either a large upfront cost or a recurring monthly fee, however, there are many free applications or software packages available that are powerful and will make your workday slightly easier.

CTRL-S Recommends: Our list of invaluable software

At CTRL-S we specialise in selecting the perfect application for your business, to streamline operations, leveraging every available resource to make everyone in your team’s workflow easier and more efficient. Our team of experts have gathered a list of free software tools that we use and love ourselves.

  • The first tool is PDF24. This free application is a toolbox for all things PDF.
    A Portable Document File (PDF) is a file type developed by Adobe and is designed to allow a document to be viewed consistently across all devices and operating systems. This is done by preserving the formatting of the original document ensuring that any text, images or graphics will always display in the same place.
    The PDF 24 application can be accessed in the cloud by a modern web browser or via a Windows desktop application. It has the functionality to convert, edit, merge and organise PDF documents. This functionality is often limited to expensive and paid applications.
    As the desktop version of this tool never uploads your files to any server and the online version has all data centres in Germany and is processed in accordance with the GDPR, data uploaded into this tool is protected making it appropriate for business use.
  • Another invaluable tool for CTRL-S is Greenshot. This free desktop program for Windows allows an easy screenshot experience within Windows, and the ability to quickly edit or annotate a screenshot before sending. This can be useful to highlight important areas of the screenshot or to blur sensitive information. Screenshots can be exported to a variety of places, including being saved to files or the clipboard, allowing it to be pasted to a document or other location.
  • Canva is another tool that we recommend to anyone making presentations or designing images. Canva has a huge library of free templates for presentations, documents or social media posts. Whilst there are paid templates, the functionality of the free version allows professional and well-designed content to be created quickly and easily. Once designs have been created designs can easily be exported to a variety of formats, such as PDF documents, image files or a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file.
  • The final tool our experts recommend is f.lux. This application is designed to help ease the strain on your eyes from working on a computer causes. The application will automatically adjust the contrast of your screen in accordance with the natural sun position in your area and the specifics of your routine. The application will automatically run when your computer starts, so once it is set up you can forget about it.

Have you got something you wish your computer could do? Do you find the software your business uses is not working how you would like it to? Get in touch with our expert team to see how we can help today.

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