Cybersecurity incidents come in many shapes and sizes, each with a varying level of severity.
A Cyber Security incident typically refers to anything that happens within a computer system that jeopardises the confidentiality, integrity or availability of it. The consequences of a cyber attack can be drastic for businesses, with severely degraded or halted operations, huge reputational damage or financial loss.

As we live in an increasingly digital first world, the prevalence of cybersecurity incidents has become a harsh reality for businesses and individuals. Despite the rapid advances in cyber security measures and technologies, news headlines and the talk between business executives continues to be dominated by news of cyber incidents such as ransomware, data breaches and other cybercrimes.

You might be wondering why with all the resources and expertise available, why do cyber incidents keep happening?

Are people the root cause of the problem?  

People are the root cause of many cyber security issues in a variety of ways.
A common factor is education. Individuals need to be educated to safeguard themselves and their organisation from cyber security incidents. The way to do this is through training about online threats, safe practices and effective defence strategies. Informed individuals are more likely to make informed decisions, recognise potential risks and therefore take the necessary proactive measures to safeguard themselves.

Another common issue people face when it comes to cyber security is a reluctance to change. Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation can be challenging for many organisations or individuals. The resources and knowledge to ensure infrastructure is maintained and updated are often not there. People may also not know that their actions are harmful, causing them to accidentally enable a cyber security incident. This could be through something like a social engineering attack, where a cyber attacker tricks an individual into providing information to either access or harm a system. For many businesses, the resource to do this is hindered by a lack of a dedicated IT team or the knowledge of the IT team to ensure change is embraced for security benefit but also efficiency and to keep up with the competition.

Another big problem is the ever-evolving nature of Cyber Threats

The dynamic nature of cyber threats allows the constantly shifting landscape in the industry to be accommodated by cyber attackers, who rapidly adjust their strategies to develop new techniques and exploit newly found and novel vulnerabilities to bypass any existing defence. The rapid rate of innovation in the digital world continues to be beneficial for malicious use as well as for good.

Understanding the complexity of Cyber Crime

Traditional crimes are typically investigated with physical evidence and eyewitness accounts are prevalent. Cybercrime is unlike typical crime as it often occurs across borders and can be executed with high levels of anonymity. This makes it incredibly difficult to track down and attribute attacks to specific individuals or groups. Finding and holding cybercriminals accountable for their attack can often be an incredibly complex and time-consuming process. Most attackers will use tools to hide their tracks, these tools are very effective and make it incredibly difficult for investigators to track attacks back to their original source.
There are also additional complications associated with cross-border investigations which are normally required for a cybercrime investigation.

How can I protect myself and my business?

It is important to understand that the issue of Cybercrime is not going to go away but will continue to grow as a threat. Addressing the persistent issue of cyber threats requires a variety of tools including education, systems resilience and innovation. Get in touch to learn how we can provide the perfect fit toolkit for your business to keep you safe in the ever-changing digital world.

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